Hello! Today I’ll be sharing something that might be useful: A list of halal food places that I wish I had known about a couple years ago. When I first moved to DC, I relied heavily on halal food trucks at my university campus as well as seafood. I guess it wasn’t all that bad because it pushed me to try sushi, something I love now (salads took a loooot longer), but otherwise it was quite a hassle trying to find alternatives for food I grew up enjoying.

I’ve put together a list that will help you if you’re in the same position that covers a few cuisines starting with MY PERSONAL FAVE: Burgers.

Now I’ve included a bunch of options with different price ranges depending on your budget. Hopefully you’ll find it convenient!



Burger 7 ($)


The closest Burger 7 location to DC is in Arlington which is only a short drive away. This is your alternative to fast food chains like McDonald’s or Shake Shack. At Burger 7, you can find a range of different chicken and beef options and there’s a ton of cool variations. I’ve linked the website in the header so you can check out more.

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Duke’s Grocery ($$)


This East London inspired pub in DuPont Circle is a cool spot for a late night meal. It’s quite small and usually pretty full so try to get a reservation in advance.


The “Proper Burger” is honestly my favourite of the three options in this list. You might be wondering why this is halal because the restaurant doesn’t really have other halal items on the menu or state halal anywhere, but it’s because the beef used is Creekstone which is a certified halal beef supplier in the US. And irrelevant to the meat subject, but you must get the corn as a side order because it’s SO GOOD. You can also search other restaurants that have Creekstone beef for steaks!

“Proper Burger” at Duke’s

Bourbon Steak ($$$)


Bourbon Steak is situated at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. You have to call them or tell them in advance for a halal option, which is their American Wagyu Burger. It’s delicious and the presentation is pretty cool. It is extremely filling though, so you should probably be hungry for a while before you go there. Definitely get their Duck Fries too as a side.

American Wagyu Burger at Bourbon Steak



Busboys and Poets ($$)

Busboys and Poets is a super cool chain of restaurants in the DC area, founded by Iraqi-American Andy Shallal. It is what you would call a “woke” restaurant and just walking in there makes you want to become a social activist. There is a performance space, a bookstore with an amazing selection of books, and inspiring murals on the walls. Getting to the food, ONLY the chicken at Busboys is halal, but they have a great menu and lots to choose from. I love the soul food combination of seasoned fried chicken and mashed potatoes. There’s also a great pasta with chicken chorizo and shrimp in it, and great wings too. You’re certain to find something you would like here.

Chinese/Thai Food


New Dynasty ($$)


The only halal Asian restaurant that I knew about or tried while in DC is New Dynasty and it’s on P Street. This is your classic take-out place. They have a great hot and sour soup for the winter time or if you have a cold. What I like about this place is that the food isn’t bland and as someone who enjoys spices, that’s all you can hope for. I quite like the beef in garlic sauce or the Thai red curry.

Honestly, I ordered it to the point where the owners knew me and told me how sad they were that I was about to graduate. I was choking back tears when they gave us free tea. I wish I was joking.



Curry and Pie ($$)


This place is alright, but if you’re interested in trying fusion foods such as a Chicken Tikka pizza or French Fry chaat, then this would be the place.

Toosso ($)


Toosso has a bunch of Pakistani street food. You can also find Halwa/Chana poori here incase you’re nostalgic and want to recall a popular weekend ritual in Pakistan. The Haleem is also really good. However, it’s quite far and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you drive, or are going with someone who drives. Ubering all the way out to Maryland wouldn’t be worth it.

Naan and Beyond ($)


I used to go here often because it was located close to my work in DC. Kalika, if you’re reading this, HEY.

Naan and Beyond has great dosa, so if you want to have South Indian food, this is where to have it! They also have really good bun kebab sliders and this red chilli curry that’s only available on Tuesdays. (my odd flex)



George’s Falafel and Steaks ($)


This is your late-night shawarma fix!

Lebanese Taverna ($$)


There are a few different locations of this restaurant in the area and they have a bunch of halal options for Lebanese food. It’s not my favourite, but it’s not bad at all either.

There are some other halal restaurants in the DC area that I didn’t list. Some of these include Moby Dick, Afghan Kabob house or a couple other Indian ones. In this list, I just included the ones that I personally frequented or liked, or maybe that aren’t as easily found when you search for halal restaurants in the area.


If there’s anything you felt I left out that should be added, let me know as it could be useful to others too! Enjoy your day.