For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated mornings! It’s always been difficult for me to wake up for school, classes, work, etc. I’d make it on time, sure, but I just wouldn’t be fully myself for at least two hours in and didn’t want to make any small talk when I got there. Aside from that, I always felt my most productive hours were either in the afternoon or at night. This is when I’d usually study or be most interactive. This is something that all my siblings do and I guess it’s learned behavior, because unless we HAVE to get up for something, we usually wake up late. E.g.: There would be no early morning on a weekend.


However, I recently learned that so many people I look up to, either public figures or not, wake up between the hours of 4-6 AM. You would rarely ever catch me at those hours before honestly. But I began to wonder why this is a common habit among accomplished people, and once I started getting into this routine, I could truly see why.


You have extra hours in your day.


The times that I had previously woken up early by some miracle for either a trip or because of jet lag, I always felt my day was so much longer. It never felt like this if I stayed up till 3 AM, which you could argue also gives you more hours. The world is asleep in both cases, but being up early means you’ve had a headstart, while staying up much later than everyone else simply feels like you’re catching up.


You sleep earlier at night.


Sleep is so important for you to recharge, but sleep at night is especially important for you. This is when you retain information that you’ve learned which is essential for you in school. It improves your memory and consolidates your learning. It lowers your stress levels and keeps you in good spirits throughout the day. I knew all-nighters during high school and college were bad, but not to this extent.


You eat better/on time.


You have enough time to eat breakfast before you go to school or work. Who else is guilty for skipping breakfast when it really is the most important meal? No trips to the kitchen for midnight snacks either, because you’re already fast asleep.


You can work on your passion project.


Who else always comes up with an excuse to neglect their hobbies because they just “don’t have time for it”? If you wake up early, you have a few extra hours to devote to what you truly enjoy outside of your job or school. Whether it’s a blog, meditation, an instrument, or whatever it may be. Don’t make excuses for not doing what you enjoy, instead make the time.


You feel accomplished


There is just this feeling of accomplishment when you wake up earlier than you absolutely have to. Your day starts on a good note and you get a chance to take your time doing everything instead of being in a rush. It’s this feeling that makes waking up extra early super worth it.

Let me know if you guys are morning people, and what you do with the extra time you have in your day!